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At West Orange Roofing you'll find we offer a hassle free warranty that genuinely keeps you covered. Most of our warranties have options to extend the length of your warranty or upgrade such as increase your wind rating. Ask your estimator for more details. Below are our standard warranties that exceed the base standard other roofers would offer.

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Transferable Warranty

Our warranty is 100% transferable should you sell your property to the new owner. Most manufacturer warranties are also transferable now.

Wind Damage

15-year, 110 mph wind-resistance for architectural shingles. 3 Tab shingles are only rated for 60 mph, so we only recommend these if you absolutely cannot afford an architectural shingle and need a new roof. Tile is rated for 110 mph. Metal roofs are rated for up to 140 mph. Flat roofs are warrantied based on the manufacturer and installation process such as fully or mechanically adhered.

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Material Defects

Each manufacturer offers up to a lifetime warranty on materials from manufacturer defects.

Labor Warranty

We offer a 7 year labor warranty. Depending on your choice of manufacturer, they may offer you one as well with your new roof.

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10-15 Year Streak Fighter Algae Resistance

Shingles are good for 10-15 years based on the manufacturer. Tile roofs or shingle roofs with more tree coverage will show signs of algae sooner. Your manufacturer material warranty will have detailed information on how to address algae and any warranties.

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15 Year, 110 MPH Wind Resistance Guarantee.

We have a 15-year, 110 mph wind-resistance guarantee to cover any wind damage as well. If you're concerned about gale force winds and storms in your area, ask us about our available upgrade to wind warranty protection up to 130 mph. CertainTeed start and CertainTeed hip and ridge are required for the upgrade option.

If you would like to learn more about our warranties, check out the PDF below for more information

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Get a quality roof with a Great warranty.