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Commercial Roofing Services in Orlando and Central Florida

Business and commercial property owners across Central Florida and Orlando, FL, call us for roof replacement and repairs. Why? Because at West Orange Roofing, we understand that you should never be worried about the basic structural integrity of your business while you’re focusing on running daily operations and serving customers. That’s why the West Orange Roofing team provides exceptional roofing solutions—so business owners can focus on serving their own customers hassle-free.

For property developers managing rent apartments or other commercial properties, our roof replacement services are a great way to hand over the maintenance of your properties to a trusted team to inspect, repair, and let you know when it’s time to replace your roof. We have decades of experience managing all types of roof sizes and materials. Instead of getting caught up in the details of any one property that you manage or operate as a business, contact West Orange Roofing for replacements or service projects to get the kind of professional peace of mind that comes from letting a fellow business owner and expert roofing contractor handle the job. Our team is fully licensed and insured with a consistent record of satisfied customers and references. You know you can turn us for all of the roofing replacement needs you may have across all properties you own or manage for commercial purposes.

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Commercial services

Commercial roofing projects are entirely different type of project compared to residential roofing. That’s why it’s necessary to choose the contractor for the job with the right kinds of experience in commercial roof replacement and not just local residential work. West Orange Roofing has decades of experience in Winter Garden and Auburndale, FL, and throughout all of Central Florida helping businesses commercial property owners build new rooms and maintain their existing buildings even after some of our harshest tropical storms. Our services include rolled and flat roofs with or without protective roof coatings that add many extra years to the life of a flat roof.

Rest easy when you hire West Orange Roofing in Winter Garden, FL, because you know that whatever your commercial roofing repairs and replacements may be now or in the future, we have the solution for you—all with a free estimate. Contact us today to schedule an on-site estimate with one of our expert contractors. After inspecting your roof, we’ll discuss your budget and make recommendations for material and style options that can help you complete any necessary updates at minimal cost and maximum safety. Once the job is finished, our work is backed by a warranty so you know that you can get any repairs you may need covered by our team for years to come.

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Our customer service promise

Since 1978, we’ve helped business owners protect their assets. Visit our warranties page to learn more about the long-term protection that comes with our services. When you work with West Orange Roofing, you get more than repair. You get the ongoing support you need to stay safe.