What Standards Should Your Roofing Contractor Follow?

Whether you're buying a phone or doing extensive home remodeling, it's natural to worry about the fine print of warranties. This is also true when it comes to roof warranties.

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What Standards Should Your Roofing Contractor Follow?

Under Florida law, roofing contractors must have a license to perform any roofing work in Florida. Roofers are classified as Division II Contractors. A roofing contractor must hold one of two different types of licenses: certified contractor or registered contractor.

A "certified contractor" license permits a roofer to operate in all Florida counties and cities while a "registered contractor" license permits a roofer to operate in a specific city or county.

Benefits of Working with a Licensed Roofer

Acquiring and maintaining a certified roofing contractor's license requires the roofer to participate in continuing education programs, work experience, background checks, and roofing insurance. A registered contractor license, on the other hand, requires a certificate of competency, business insurance, and proof of financial responsibility.

Additionally, different types of roofing projects require different local permits. Both certified and registered contractors must be organized and up to date regarding the permitting requirements in different municipalities where they work. As a result, working with a licensed and certified contractor means you're getting the services of a highly experienced professional with the skills and expertise to deliver a high-quality job.

Types of Insurance Roofers Have

Other than educational qualifications and experience, roofers are required to hold two main types of insurance: general liability and workers' compensation insurance:

  • General Liability: This insurance provides coverage if the actions of the contractor or their employees lead to property damage on your home or injury to a non-worker.
  • Workers' Compensation: This insurance covers the contractor's employees should they get sick or injured while on the job.

Dangers of Working with Unlicensed Roofers

You should never risk hiring a roofing contractor who lacks the right licenses and certifications to work on your Central Florida home. There is a greater potential for the contractor to provide shoddy workmanship or even scam you of your hard-earned money.

Besides, you may end up with a substandard roof which will give in to the harsh elements soon after the contractor has left. Most roofing material manufacturers may also void their warranties if they discover your roofing system was not installed correctly. If anything goes wrong with the roof soon after the installation, you will have no option but to finance a new roof out of your pocket.

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