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How Your Tile Roof Needs To Be Repaired

Florida is known as the Sunshine State. The blazing sunshine and high temperatures brought about by that big glowing orb in the sky can wreak havoc on your tile roof.

Here’s how the sun and other elements can damage your tile roof and what should be done to fix and prevent damage.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Your roof is constantly exposed to UV rays and the exposure increases considerably during the summer days with the extra hours of sunlight. Tiles are not immune to the ravages of the sun. Prolonged exposure to the damaging UV rays can cause a molecular breakdown in your roof’s materials. As a result, elements holding the material together begin to bleach, dry, and crack, leaving them susceptible to other weather elements.

When the torrential rains of Florida’s summer get through the roof, they will begin to cause damage to the roof’s structure and insulation. Just like a sunburn, damage caused by UV radiation can occur even when the sun is not blazing.

Temperature Variations

Changes in temperature cause tiles to change. When the Florida sun is directly overhead, the surface of a roof can reach close to 200 degrees. Sudden downpours can cause the roof to cool down to room temperature in a matter of seconds. Roofing materials will expand when it’s hot and contract as it cools. The extreme heat in Florida can make these variations extra damaging to your roof. With cement or clay, you don’t have to get on the roof to know if heat is causing severe damage. Often times crumbles from the tiles might start washing out through the gutters.


While we don’t get the massive snowfalls that northern roofs are subjected to, constant humidity is another common problem for Florida roofs. We’re surrounded by water and have several swamps and lakes. The ever-present moisture can erode tiles and compromise even the best-applied seams and seals.

High humidity levels can also lead to the runaway growth of algae, moss, mildew, and other types of fungus on roof tiles, rafters, and joists. Besides being unsightly, such growths can cause rot and deterioration if they trap moisture.

Other common reasons for roofing tile failure and cracking include:

  • Flashing failure
  • Loose cap tile
  • Blown off cap
  • Cracked, torn, broken surface
  • Tile sliding off the roof
  • Flashing or fasteners uplifting
  • Underlayment deteriorating
  • Flashing seams separating
  • Chipped tile corners
  • Debris between tiles

The Fix

Tile roofs are extremely durable, but in order to get the longest life span possible, it needs some maintenance. Prompt tile roof repair by the roofing professionals at West Orange Roofing can help prolong the life of your roof.

We can inspect the condition of your roof, provide preventive maintenance measures, and make any necessary repairs. Contact us to request a quote and learn how we can help you and your roof.