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How Your Shingle Roof Replacement Costs Are Estimated

At West Orange Roofing, we pride ourselves on doing the job quickly and efficiently. This is why our motto has always been, “Call us today we will be there tomorrow.” We will be happy to give you a fast and free estimate. Yet another thing we pride ourselves on is educating you about different roofing subjects. Along these lines, we realize you are probably curious about what goes into a roofing estimate for your Central Florida home. When it comes to your roofing estimate, here are some things we take into account.

The Size, Slope, and Pitch of Roof

First of all, it is important to remember the square footage of your roof will often be larger than the square footage of your house. This is especially true in a ranch house.

The pitch diameter of your roof will determine whether it is considered a “walkable” roof. Generally, a roof with a 6:12 pitch or higher is going to increase the estimate because more tools will be needed to keep our crew safe.

The pitch of your roof will also determine the required amount of underlayment materials needed. Underlayment assists in the water-resistance of your roof and also helps it maintain a “Class A” fire rating.

Roofing Specifics

The type of roof being removed, the number of layers, and the type of new roofing material being installed are all specifics which help set the cost of your roof replacement. Essentially, part of your roofing estimate will depend on how much the labor is needed in tearing off the old roofing materials and how challenging it is to install the new materials.

Type of Warranty

There are two types of warranties you should keep in mind. A standard warranty is where the general contractor will back the labor involved in installing the new roof. A manufacturer’s warranty will normally include an (NDL) no-dollar-limit and will be backed by the manufacturer of the roofing materials. This is often a better warranty to have because the workmanship will be better.

As you can see, West Orange Roofing of Central Florida knows everything there is to know about roofing estimates! Call us today and we will make an estimate for your new roof! “Call us today we will be there tomorrow!”