How To Get A Roof Replacement With Insurance - West Orange Roofing
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How To Get A Roof Replacement With Insurance

If your roof is damaged and you require roof replacement, your homeowner’s insurance may cover some — if not all of it. Whether or not your roof is covered will depend on your specific policy. For example, if the roof is past its life expectancy or you did not perform routine maintenance, insurance may not cover the entire cost. However, if your roof is covered by insurance and you do need to have it replaced, then you’ll want to follow these steps.

Schedule a professional inspection

Your insurance company is going to require proof that your roof needs to be replaced and will need official documentation of how much it will cost. This means you will need to schedule a professional inspection before you begin the claims process. A professional inspection will determine whether roof replacement is actually necessary and how much it will cost. Additionally, make sure you hire a reputable local roofer and not an out-of-town storm chaser. 

Call your insurer to begin the claim process

Contact your insurance company to begin the claim process. In addition to providing all of the documentation from the roof inspection, it’s a good idea to take pictures before any work begins as well as proof of the damage. It’s worth noting that in Central Florida if 25% of your roof was damaged by a storm, you may be entitled to a complete roof replacement.

Schedule an inspection with the insurance adjuster

Once the claim process has begun and you’ve submitted the official estimate of the roof replacement along with all other documents detailing the inspection, you will need to schedule an appointment with the insurance adjuster so they can come and inspect the damage. They will then need to meet with the roofer to discuss the damage and the costs of replacement. The adjuster needs to approve the replacement and its costs before the roofer begins work.

Pay your roofer for the work

Once work is completed you will pay the roofer. Your insurance company will then reimburse the agreed-upon costs. You may also want to file a supplemental claim for associated costs, such as if you had to temporarily move out of your home and stay in a hotel due to the damage.

If you need a roof replacement and plan on filing an insurance claim to cover the costs, contact us at West Orange Roofing today. Not only can we conduct an official inspection, but we can also help guide you through the insurance claim process.