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Behind The Scenes Of Your Roof Replacement Costs

Having a reliable roof on your home is essential, especially with central Florida’s occasional wind and rain. When it’s time to have yours replaced, how much will roof replacement cost? Your estimate will be based on the following factors.

Height of Your House

Does your house have just one story or more than one? Having a higher house, such as one with two or three stories, results in more labor with roofers having to safely get up and down throughout the process. This added labor will increase your roof replacement estimate.

Roof Pitch

The pitch or slope of your roof also has an impact on your overall cost. A roof with a steeper slope or angle isn’t as safe to walk on compared to a flatter roof. This leads to higher labor costs in your estimate since roofers must use more caution when walking around on your roof.

Removal of Layers

Does your roof need to have multiple layers removed before the new roof is installed? Are these layers easy to remove? The number of layers that need to be removed will result in a longer timeframe for your roof replacement, which increases your estimate. 

Roof Material

The material for your new roof also affects the estimate you get. For example, shingles typically have a lower cost per square foot than metal or tile roofing material. Cost is one of the factors to consider when you’re deciding on the material for your roof replacement.

Bad Decking Removal

Do you need to have bad decking removed when you get a new roof? This might need to be done if your decking is damaged or worn from wear and tear. Having bad decking removed adds to the cost of having your roof replaced.

Square Footage of Roof

How much square footage does your roof have? This square footage can vary depending on the style of home you have. For example, your roof will have higher square footage if you live in a ranch home it is wider or longer than two-story homes.

If you need a roof replacement in Central Florida, please contact West Orange Roofing to learn more about our services. Our dependable and trustworthy roofers will answer any questions you have about your roof estimate and will not try to hide information from you.