How To Know If Your Home Needs A New Roof Or Repairs

The roof is one of the most critical components of your home. It creates a protective barrier between you and the outside elements. With proper maintenance, a good roof can last for several years. Unfortunately, damages may happen and you'll have to make a decision to either repair or replace it. In this guide, we look at the signs of roof damage to help you assess whether repair or replacement is a viable option.

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How To Know If Your Home Needs A New Roof Or Repairs

Leaky Roof

A leaky roof is the first sign your roof needs repair. If you notice water dripping from the roof, a paddle forming on the floor, or wet spots on the ceiling, your roof could be the culprit. More often, a leaky roof could be caused by rain damage. Extreme weather conditions, old age, or mislaid shingles can also cause leakage. Depending on the general condition of your roof and its age, your roofer may recommend either repair or replacement.

Wear And Tear

Roof tiles or shingles are not made to last forever. You can identify old shingles in multiple ways. If you notice cracked, curled, or missing shingles, it could be time for a new roof. Very old shingles may also lose granules - the mineral which gives shingles the desired texture and protect them from the harsh UV light from the sun. If you notice dark spots of the shingles, you should consider a roof replacement sooner rather than later.

When You Need Roof Repair

Roof repair can extend the life of your roof without incurring the extra cost of roof replacement. There are numerous situations where roof repair can be a good idea. If your roof is still young, chances are you can effectively repair the damage and give your roof a fresh breath of life. Generally, roofs younger than 20 years should still be under warranty and can be repaired.

However, if major storm damaged the roof, your roofer can carry out a detailed inspection and recommend the necessary repairs. Small damages such as missing tiles or shingles can be easily repaired. But if the damage is extensive and affects any layers beneath the shingles, it could be time to replace the roof.

When To Replace The Roof

The older your roof, the less effective repairs will be. If you continue repairing a roof near or past its lifespan, it's only going to be more costly. Also, if the damage is extensive and affects the structural integrity of your roof, it's time to replace rather than repair.

Ultimately, if you notice a lot of leakage or water damage in the interior of your home, it's advisable to replace the roof immediately. While most damages can be repaired, extensive damages will take lots of time and money. Your top priority should be to have a solid roof over your head, making roof replacement a necessity in many instances. Consider working with West Orange Roofing in Central Florida for all your roofing needs.

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