How Long Does A 30 Year Roof Really Last?

When you have a lifetime or 30-year roof, you can expect to have it for many years. How long does a 30 year roof really last, though? Learn more about the lifespan of shingle roofs and how you can help yours last longer.

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How Long Does A 30 Year Roof Really Last?

Average Lifespan Of Roofs

The average lifespan of shingle roofs generally falls between 15 and 30 years. However, this depends on certain factors, such as the type of shingle and the material. Asphalt 3-tab shingles, which are common, typically last between 15 and 30 years.

Architectural shingles, which have a more complex design than 3-tab shingles, can last a bit longer on average. These shingles generally last between 25 and 30 years on average. Keep in mind other factors can affect the lifespan of shingle roofs, such as damage and wear and tear.

Reasons For Shorter Roof Lifespans

Your roof's lifespan could end up being shorter due to damage, especially from storms. Severe weather can lead to serious or extensive roof damage, resulting in the need for a roof replacement. For example, high winds can tear off a section of your roof, or heavy downpours can cause major leaks.

Some roofs have a shorter lifespan due to a lack of regular maintenance. When roofs aren't maintained, minor issues can develop and go undetected for years until they become major problems. This can lead to expensive repairs or a roof replacement which needs to be done earlier than expected.

How To Make Your Roof Last Longer

You can make sure your roof reaches its lifespan with routine maintenance. This helps ensure early signs of issues or wear and tear can be found and dealt with sooner rather than later. You should plan to have regular maintenance done a couple of times per year, such as in spring and fall.

Making sure your roof is clean can also help it last longer. Leaves and other kinds of debris can pile up on your roof over time and damage the surface or clog up gutters. Have professional roofers clean and inspect your roof to prevent debris from building up.

Getting timely roof repairs done helps roofs reach their lifespan. Having damage fixed right away prevents it from becoming worse.

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